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Master planning provides conceptual design solutions for the development of large segments of land to create  new communities, regeneration, specialist housing and mixed use schemes.

Utilising our knowledge and experience in architecture and urban design, we prepare master plans for the development of new sustainable communities and / or the regeneration of urban areas.

In our experience the presentation of master plans of late have come to mean a variety of different things to different people we have therefore tried to break them down into various packages to suit your individual project need.

A)           A coloured presentation sheet with a indicative layout of the site at 1:1250 and images of the surrounding locality as

               requested provided on a coloured presentation sheet with indicative views /images as required.

B)            A coloured presentation board showing an indicative appraisal plan at 1:500 ( this can be then transposed into standard

                house type ranges) and also showing images of the surrounding locality.

C)            As package B but completed with a supporting visual analysis document which is presented in a bound statement

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