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Geoff Perry Associates have been producing detailed planning drawings for over 10 years.


Building Regulations drawings can be commissioned with or without the planning application being done by ourselves.

Detailed plans are required for the construction of the buildings to be commenced and we will liaise with your chosen suppliers / manufacturers as required.

The drawings will be either a single A1 sheet or 2 no. A2 sheets per house type (depending on size of house) comprising of :-

1)         Below ground plan @1:50 - indicating load bearing walls, drainage points and incoming services, foundations and all fully dimensioned.

2)         Floor plans @ 1:50 - complete with dimensions, room sizes, hatching, electrics, kitchen, WC, utility, bathroom and en suite layouts, section line,heating  complete with door and window references.

3)         Roof plan at 1:50 - indicating trussed rafter span, penetrations at rafter and ceiling level, restraint strap positions and eaves and verge projections.

4)         Section(s) at 1:50 - appropriate number of sections (minimum one) fully dimensioned and hatched, complete with door and window references.

5)         Elevations at 1:100 (min) - Complete with door and window references,coursing and vertical dimensions, penetrations through wall and roof.

Door and window schedules, electric schedule, floor area and plot numbering will all be included on the plan, material schedule and stair configuration.

Details would be included if relevant to the particular house type to enable construction.

Further services;

Block plans

The stripping down of floor plans for brochure production.

The checking off of sales brochures against approved drawings for sales purposes

Checking of specialist drawings (e.g. truss and joist layouts, specialist lintels etc)

Drawings  for internal details on A1 sheet at 1:20, comprising floor plans and elevations of kitchen, W.C., bathroom and en suite, will be assessed per house type and will be dependent on the amount of rooms per type.

Additional drawings for amendments to house type ranges for example the addition of conservatories



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